Awesome list of open-source alternatives to well-known SaaS products

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About Open-Source

The open-source model has been known for a long time, but many investors are still skeptical about it. This model is not so much different from SaaS – often the community version acts as a freemium that can be deployed in your cloud, and the enterprise version has a large set of features that you already need to pay for. But the main difference between open-source and SaaS is that open-source can be deployed in an internal cloud without sharing user data with 3rd parties.

More and more open-source startups are taking advantage of this trend and creating analogs of well-known SaaS products. It’s simple: the demand for these services has already been confirmed by the market, but there are niches where the SaaS model does not fit — that’s where open-source analogs are aiming.

About SaaS

The SaaS model is the default model for almost all companies that make

money online. But it wasn’t always like that. Before the dot-com era, the most common model was on-premises, when users paid for a license and installed software directly on their device or a server. With the advent of SaaS, this model was forgotten, but, as we know, history is developing in a spiral.

Recently, the issue of personal data and state regulation in this area has been increasingly raised. Some companies simply cannot use popular cloud products (for example, Google Analytics) because they are forced to share user data with 3rd parties. There is a new market segment that is not suitable for SaaS.

Startup List

All startups in the list are sorted by categories and sorted in alphabetical order. If you click on the stars badge you will get to the product’s repo.
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CategoryCompanyDescriptionGitHub StarsAlternative to
API PlatformHoppscotchAPI development ecosystemPostman
Auth & SSOCerbosGranular access controlOkta, Auth0
Auth & SSOKeycloakUser authentication and session management frameworkOkta, Auth0
Auth & SSOOPAL ( administration framework (Open Policy)Okta, Auth0
Auth & SSOOryIdentity platformOkta, Auth0
Auth & SSOOsoAuthorization building frameworkOkta, Auth0
Auth & SSOSupertokensUser authentication and session management frameworkOkta, Auth0
Backend as a serviceAmplicationBackend server with REST and GraphQL APIs to manage core backend needsFirebase
Backend as a serviceAppwriteBackend server with REST APIs to manage core backend needsFirebase
Backend as a serviceKuzzleBackend server with REST APIs to manage core backend needsFirebase
Backend as a serviceNhostBackend server with GraphQLFirebase
Backend as a serviceSupabaseBackend server with REST APIs to manage core backend needsFirebase
Business IntelligencePresetModern BI platform powered by Apache SupersetPowerBI, Tableau, Mode Analytics
Business intelligenceMetabaseBusiness intelligence softwareTableau, Power BI, DataStudio
CMSBuilderDrag and drop page builder and CMSContentful
CMSConcreteCMS for teamsContentful
CMSDirectusData platform which wraps any database with an intuitive appContentful
CMSNetlify CMSGit-based CMS for static site generatorsContentful
CMSPlasmicThe headless page builder for singe-page frameworksContentful
CMSStrapiNode.js Headless CMS to build customisable APIsContentful
CMSSuluModern Symfony based CMSContentful
CMSTinaVisual editor for React websitesContentful
CMSWebinyEnterprise serverless CMSContentful
Cloud StorageMinioS3 compatible object storageAmazon S3
Cloud StorageStorjDecentralized cloud storageAmazon S3
CommunicationFonosterAPIs for SMS, voice and videoTwilio
Customer Data PlatformJitsuFully-scriptable data ingestion engine for modern data teamsSegment
Customer Data PlatformRudderstackCustomer data platform for developersSegment
Customer EngagementChaskiqLive chat widgetIntercom, Zendesk
Customer EngagementChatwootLive chat widgetIntercom, Zendesk
Customer EngagementPapercupsLive chat widgetIntercom, Zendesk
CybersecurityCloudQueryAssess, audit, and evaluate the configurations of your cloud assets.AWS Config, GCP Cloud Asset Inventory, AWS GuardDuty
CybersecurityCrowdSecCollaborative IPS able to analyze visitor behavior and to provide an adapted response to all kinds of attacks.GreyNoise
CybersecurityFirezoneVPN Server & Firewall for teamsOpenVPN Access Server
CybersecurityGravitlWireGuard virtual networking platform (VPN)Tailscale, OpenVPN
CybersecurityNucleiVulnerability scanner based on simple YAML based DSLTenable Nessus
DesignModulzCode-based tool for designing and prototypingFigma
DesignPenpotDesign & prototyping platformFigma
E-commerceMedusaHeadless e-commerce platformShopify, Ecwid
E-commerceSaleorHeadless e-commerce platformShopify, Ecwid
E-commerceShuupHeadless e-commerce platformShopify, Ecwid
E-commerceSyliusHeadless e-commerce platformShopify, Ecwid
E-commerceVendureHeadless e-commerce platformShopify, Ecwid
E-commerceVue StorefrontFrontend for e-commerce platformShogun
ELT / ETLAirbyteData integration platformFivetran
ELT / ETLDagsterOrchestration platform for data assetsFivetran
ELT / ETLOrchestNo-code data pipelines builderFivetran
ELT / ETLPrefectData orchestration platform for a modern data stackFivetran
Email marketingKeilaEmail newsletter toolMailchimp, Sendinblue
Enterprise SearchAppBaseSearch UI components for React and VueAlgolia
Enterprise SearchdeepsetNLP platform to build enterprise-grade semantic searchAWS Kendra, QnA Maker
Enterprise SearchJina.aiNeural search framework for 𝙖𝙣𝙮 kind of data (including images)Algolia
Enterprise SearchMeilisearchTypo tolerant search engineAlgolia
Enterprise SearchQdrantVector similarity search engine with extended filtering supportAlgolia
Enterprise SearchSeMI‘s WeaviateReal-time vector search engineGoogle Vertex AI, Algolia
Enterprise SearchTypeSenseTypo tolerant fuzzy search engineAlgolia
Enterprise SearchZilliz‘s MilvusVector database for AI applicationsGoogle Vertex AI
Enterprise SearchZinc Labs‘s ZincCloud native full text searchElastic Cloud
ERPDoliCloudBusiness management suite (ERP and CRM)Oracle Fusion ERP Cloud,Odoo,Microsoft Dynamics
Feature flag and toggle managementFlagSmithFeature Flag & Remote Config ServiceLaunchDarkly
Feature flag and toggle managementGrowthBookFeature flags and A/B testingLaunchDarkly
Feature flag and toggle managementUnleashFeature flags platformLaunchDarkly
File HostingFilestashA file manager that let you manage your data anywhere it is locatedDropbox, Google Drive
File HostingNextcloudA personal cloud which runs on your own serverDropbox, Google Drive
File HostingOwncloudA personal cloud which runs on your own serverDropbox, Google Drive
Financial ServiceGamestonk TerminalInvestment research for everyoneBloomberg
Forum SoftwareDiscourseA platform for community discussionTribe, Circle
Forum SoftwareVanillaA platform for community discussionTribe, Circle
Graph databaseArangoDBGraph database and document storeTigerGraph, Amazon Neptune
Graph databaseMemgraphIn-memory graph databaseTigerGraph, Amazon Neptune
Graph databaseNeo4jGraph database platformTigerGraph, Amazon Neptune
Graph databaseTerminusDBKnowledge graph and document storeTigerGraph, Amazon Neptune
Helpdesk SolutionPeppermintTicket Management & Helpdesk systemZendesk
Internal ToolsAppSmithLow-code platform for internal toolsRetool
Internal ToolsBudibaseLow-code platform for internal toolsRetool
Internal ToolsLowdefyYAML-based low-code platform for internal toolsRetool
Internal ToolsTooljetLow-code framework for internal toolsRetool
Log ManagementGraylogLog management platformSplunk
ML OpsCortexProduction infrastructure for machine learningAWS SageMaker
ML OpsMindsDBIn-database machine learning platformBigQuery ML
ML OpsPloomberYAML-based pipeline builder for ML modelsAWS SageMaker
ML OpsZilliz‘s TowheePlatform for generating embedding vectorsAWS SageMaker
MessagingElementEnterprise communication platformSlack
MessagingMattermostEnterprise communication platform for developersSlack
MessagingRocket.chatEnterprise communication platformSlack
MessagingZulipTeam chatSlack
Metrics storeCube.jsHeadless business intelligence suiteLooker
Metrics storeLightDashLow-code metrics layer, alternative to LookerLooker
Metrics storeMLCraftLow-code metrics layer, alternative to LookerLooker
Metrics storeMetriQLHeadless business intelligence suiteLooker
No-code databaseBaserowNo-code database and Airtable alternativeAirTable
No-code databaseNocoDBNo-code database and Airtable alternativeAirTable
No-code databaseRowyExtendable Airtable-like spreadsheet UI for databasesAirTable
NotetakingAppFlowyOpen-source alternative to NotionNotion
NotetakingAthens ResearchKnowledge graph for research and notetakingRoam Research
NotetakingBangle.ioA rich note note taking web app that works on top of your locally saved Markdown filesNotion
NotetakingBoost NoteCollaborative workspace for developer teamsNotion
NotetakingDendronKnowledge base plugin for VS CodeRoam Research
NotetakingJoplinSecure, Cross-platform, Open-Source Markdown Note Taking AppEvernote, Onenote, Roam Research
NotetakingLogseqKnowledge base managerRoam Research
NotetakingNotabasePowerful and easy-to-use note-taking app for networked thinkingNotion, Roam Research
NotetakingOutlineWiki and knowledge baseNotion
NotetakingTrilium.ccPersonal knowledge baseEvernote, Onenote
Observability and monitoringGrafanaObservability and data visualization platformDataDog, NewRelic
Observability and monitoringSentryApplication monitoring with a focus on error reportingDataDog, NewRelic
Observability and monitoringSignozApplication monitoring and observability platformDataDog, NewRelic
Observability and monitoringVictoriaMetricsApplication monitoring and observability platformDataDog, NewRelic
Observability and monitoringNetdataApplication monitoring and observability platformDataDog, NewRelic
Password managerBitWardenPassword manager for teams and individuals1Password
Password managerPadlocPassword manager for teams and individuals1Password
Password managerPassboltPassword manager for teams and individuals1Password
Platform as a serviceCoolifySelf-hostable Heroku alternativeHeroku
Platform as a servicePorterKubernetes powered PaaS that runs in your own cloudHeroku
Platform as a serviceQoveryKubernetes powered PaaS that runs in your own cloudHeroku
Platform as a serviceSpace CloudServerless cloud deployment platformHeroku
Product AnalyticsPostHogProduct analytics platformAmplitude, MixPanel
Project ManagementFocalboardAlternative to Trello, Notion, and AsanaTrello, Notion, Asana
Project ManagementOpenProjectProject management softwareAsana, Trello
Project ManagementTaigaProject management softwareAsana, Trello, Jira
Relational databasePingCAPNewSQL database that supports HTAP workloadsAmazon Aurora, Google Cloud Spanner
Reverse ETLCastledData synchronization framework focused on external appsHightouch, NewRelic
Reverse ETLGrouparooData synchronization frameworkHightouch
Robotic Process Automation (RPA)RoboCorpSet of tooling that allows to create automation packagesUiPath
SchedulingCalendsoScheduling infrastructure, alternative to CalendlyCalendly
Session replay softwareOpenReplaySession replay stack for developersLogRocket, FullStory
StreamingGlimeshLive streaming platformTwitch
Timeseries databaseInfluxDBDatabase designed to process time series dataKdb+
Timeseries databaseQuestDBDatabase designed to process time series dataKdb+
Timeseries databaseTimescaleDBDatabase designed to process time series dataKdb+
Timeseries databaseTDengineDatabase designed to process time series dataKdb+
Video ConferencingJitsiVideo conferences platform and SDKZoom
Video ConferencingLiveKitSFU and SDKs for high-performance, scalable WebRTCTwilio, Agora
Video ConferencingOpenViduPlatform and SDKs to build on-premises WebRTC video conferencesTwilio
Website analyticsGoatCounterGoogle Analytics alternativeGoogle Analytics
Website analyticsMatomoGoogle Analytics alternativeGoogle Analytics
Website analyticsPlausibleGoogle Analytics alternativeGoogle Analytics
Website analyticsUmamiGoogle Analytics alternativeGoogle Analytics
Workflow automationN8NNode-based workflow automation tool for developersZapier
Workflow automationPipedreamWorkflow automation and API integration platformZapier, Integromat
Workflow automationTemporalWorkflows as code platformZapier

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