15 Ways to Donate a Merry Christmas: Ideas for Giving and Volunteering

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I believe in the importance of charity at Christmastime. I enjoy sharing ideas for giving to others over the holidays.

Give the Gift of Christmas on Any Budget

Christmas is the season for charitable giving. It’s the time of year when we should all give a little to those who have less. For those who can afford it, there’s endless opportunities to give someone a Merry Christmas. And for those who are already living on a shoestring budget, you’d be surprised at how much you can do.

For instance, if you meet the requirements, you could try hair donation. You’ve been wanting a new look anyway. Or how about making a trip to your local blood bank to donate blood? What better gift to give than the gift of life? (And that’s coming from someone who is very grateful for the blood transfusion I received.)

So how about it? Are you ready to put a little Merry into someone’s Christmas?


Donation and Volunteer Ideas for Christmas

  1. Help a Needy Family
  2. Visit Your Local Pediatric Wing
  3. Donate Your Hair
  4. Grant a Small Wish
  5. Visit Your Local Humane Society
  6. Make a Child’s Dream Come True
  7. Give to Toys for Tots
  8. Donate to Bell Ringers and Bins
  9. Check With the Department of Social Services
  10. Visit a Nursing Home
  11. Collect Coke Caps
  12. Give Life: Donate Blood
  13. Participate in Operation Christmas Child
  14. Shop Local
  15. Give Away a Dollar


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