Youtube’s new design ๐ŸŽฅ, Apple launches macOS 13 ๐Ÿ’ป, ARM-powered Windows

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Big Tech & Startups

YouTubeโ€™s new design makes it easier to fast-forward or rewind to the right part (2 minute read)

YouTube is rolling out new design changes. The changes include pinch-to-zoom, precise seeking with a more usable preview, an ambient mode that matches the app’s background colors to videos, a darker dark mode, and button makeovers. Pinch-to-zoom has been available for YouTube Premium subscribers since August. The new design changes put YouTube’s look in line with Google’s Material You design changes.

Apple releases macOS Ventura, with Stage Manager, Continuity Camera, and more (2 minute read)


Apple has released macOS13, also known as Ventura. The latest version of the desktop operating system features the Stage Manager window management system, the ability to edit and unsend iMessages, a Continuity Camera feature, and various improvements to stock apps and utilities. System Preferences has been completely redesigned and renamed to System Settings. The update is compatible with Macs from 2017 onwards.

Science & Futuristic Technology

Fast-Charging EV Batteries With Nickel Foil (3 minute read)

A new lithium-ion car battery with added nickel foil in its interior can recharge to 70% in 11 minutes for a roughly 400 kilometer range. Batteries perform better when hotter, up to a point. The nickel foil helps the battery heat up more, increasing its performance. The battery lasts for roughly 2,000 cycles when charged to 70%, for a range of about 804,000 kilometers.


Record-breaking chip can transmit entire internet’s traffic per second (2 minute read)

Engineers have created an optical chip that can transmit data at a rate of 1.84 petabits per second, almost twice the global internet traffic per second. The new world record was set using a single light source and a single optical chip. The data was transmitted down a 7.9-kilometer-long optical fiber. The researchers claim that with further development, the system could eventually reach speeds of up to 100 petabits per second.

Programming, Design & Data Science

xonsh (GitHub Repo)


xonsh is a cross-platform shell language and command prompt. The language is a superset of Python 3.6+ with additional shell primitives. xonsh allows anyone to use Shell in Python or to write Python code in the shell.

Puff (GitHub Repo)

Puff is a ‘deep stack’ for Python that tries to minimize the barrier between Python and Rust. It gives Rust its own layer so that developers can build tools in Rust that work together without having to re-enter Python. Puff allows developers to build runtimes using standard CPython and extend them with Rust.



Microsoftโ€™s โ€œProject Volterraโ€ becomes an Arm-powered mini PC with 32GB of RAM (2 minute read)

Microsoft has announced the Windows Dev Kit 2023. The mini PC, formally known as ‘Project Volterra’, will use a Snapdragon 8cx Gen 3 processor. It will have 512GB of storage and 32GB of RAM. The Dev Kit 2023 features two USB-C ports, a mini DisplayPort, three USB-A ports, gigabit Ethernet, Wi-Fi 6, and Bluetooth 5.1. It is available now for $599.99.

Time to Get Fit (8 minute read)

Meta’s lack of focus and fitness has resulted in poor financial results. Its stock price and price-to-earnings ratio have both fallen significantly in the last 18 months compared to its big-tech peers. This open letter presents a three step plan for Meta that will double its free cash flow to $40 billion per year and focus the company’s teams and investments. The plan involves reducing headcount expense by at least 20%, reducing annual capital expenditure by at least $5 billion, and limiting investment in the metaverse to no more than $5 billion per year.



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