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simple money saving tips for everyday life

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There are many ways to save money. In this post, we’ve compiled over 60 easy-to-implement money-saving tips for you. Sure, not every tip fits every life situation, but this list should be a good start if you want to save some money. If you have any other ideas, share them in the comments!

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1. Invite friends home instead of going out Activities at home are almost always cheaper than going out.

Together with friends, you can easily whip up a nice meal or ask each guest to contribute a little something. A fun game, movie or lively conversation will round out the evening. Home-cooked meals are not only less expensive, but with little effort, they are usually much healthier!

2. make your own gifts instead of buying expensive ones

There are a lot of creative things which you can make yourself and gift wrap beautifully. A few ideas:


  • Baking instructions
  • Natural soap (e.g. Christmas soap)
  • Creams
  • Bath salts
  • Peelings
  • Lip balm
  • Cherry pit pillow

    A homemade gift creates special attention. Beautifully wrapped and personalized with a handwritten message, you create a great but also very affordable gift!
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3. master the 30-day and the 10-minute rules

Before you buy something, pause and reflect on whether you really need it. For smaller impulse purchases, hold the item in your hand for about ten minutes and look around the store a little longer. Before making major purchases, take 30 days to figure out if the purchase is really necessary.

4. ask yourself how much time a shopping will cost you

If the 30-day or 10-minute rule doesn’t quite work yet to avoid impulse buys, then you should calculate your hourly wage. That’s right, become aware of how much money an hour of your work time is worth.

Subtract taxes and duties and also take into account things like commuting time. This way you’ll quickly realize how long you have to work for a certain product. Most of the time, this calculation puts many things in a different light.

5. write a shopping list and stick to it

Only go shopping if you know exactly what you need. For regular shopping, always write a shopping list. Only put things in the shopping cart that are on the list, no matter how tempting the offer seems. For small purchases at the supermarket, you should do away with the shopping cart right away.


6. clean up your closet

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Far too often we buy clothes that we don’t really need. If you want to save some money or need some quick cash, take a closer look at your closet. There are bound to be some pieces you can sell. If you’re never quite sure what exactly you could clean out now and what you’d like to wear again, try this trick.

7. mend holey or broken clothes instead of throwing them away

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In the past, people repaired clothes much more often. Today, they are often carelessly thrown away. Paradoxically, there are also new clothes to buy, which are trimmed to “old”. Instead, why not mend broken clothes yourself or make a new one out of two old ones? Try it! It’s much easier than it might seem. You can save a lot of money quickly, and with a little skill and creativity, you’ll create clothes that your friends will envy.

8. exchange clothes instead of buying new

Almost everyone knows the problem: the old clothes just get boring and how nice it would be to wear a new piece. But the old clothes are still perfectly fine. You can solve this problem with a clothes swap party.

Organize it with a few friends in private or in a public place. In this way, your “old” treasures will continue to be used and you will get varied clothing items.



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