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Sightlines | Impact investing, U.S. diplomacy, Abe’s legacy, refugee ‘hostages’

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Innovation / Impact Investing

International funds eye impact investments in Southeast Asia

Impact investing is making a mark with initiatives funded by private groups and corporations aiming for measurable environmental and social benefits. Globe’s Amanda Oon wrote about the Global Innovation Fund, a London-headquartered nonprofit backed by various organisations that could launch an ‘Asian decade’ of impact investing. However, the region’s state ideologies and philanthropic cultures may not neatly fit within Western standards.
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Politics / International Relations
Cambodia and ASEAN remain in the American spotlight

The U.S. assistant secretary of state for East Asian and Pacific Affairs visited Phnom Penh in July. Globe’s Brian P. D. Hannon covered the briefing held by Daniel Kritenbrink to highlight American support for Cambodia’s ASEAN 2022 chairmanship while delivering some critiques to Hun Sen’s government over the suppression of political and human rights in the Kingdom and ASEAN’s lacklustre efforts to end the violence in Myanmar.
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Politics / Analysis 

Abe’s diplomacy in Southeast Asia leaves a lasting legacy

Globe Contributor Mark S. Cogan reflected on the impact in Southeast Asia of former Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, who was killed by a gunman at a political event on 8 July. Abe enhanced relations with the governments of Cambodia, Myanmar and Thailand during his years in office and left a legacy of pragmatism in international relations that continues under current Prime Minister Fumio Kishida. 
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